2013 - Filed Articles of Incorporation and Non-Profit
​          Status.

2014- 501(c)3 Status is approved

2015 - Double D Expands with our Double D QT Quarantine area allowing horses from Kill Pens and other facilities to be housed safely at Double D until they are either integrated with the herd, or delivered to their forever homes. 

Diana Darnall

Our founder

I have always had a love for horses and animals.  For years I followed many internet sites and Facebook pages for rescue animals in need.  I must admit I was a bit fearful of horses, they are so big and I hadn't been around them much.  I finally gave into my fear one day and at the age of 51 got my first rescue horse.  He was slaughter bound and I am so glad I did,   he is an amazing horse.  I have since gotten 3 more, 2 were also slaughter bound and one I got from my Local Humane Society.  I knew I could do more and decided a Non-Profit was my best commitment for the animals.  Helping animals in need or families that have suffered a financial hardship and need help caring for their animals so they don't end up in shelters or feedlot auctions and end up in the hands of Kill Buyers that are then taken from the United States to Mexico or Canada to slaughter for human consumption as a delicacy in Europe.

Foundation History

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate, feed and care for animals.  The Voice for the Voiceless.

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An organization that specializes in providing Humane treatment, services and care for abused, neglected and endangered animals, through rehabilitation and services. To provide a home or sanctuary or services to re-home abused, neglected and endangered animals. To provide transport, food, shelter, veterinary care, humane euthanasia for sick or dying animals, farrier (hoof care) care, dental care for abused, neglected and endangered animals.  Also, providing financial assistance and/or services to communities in need of financial assistance for the Humane care and/or transport and/or euthanasia of abused, neglected and endangered animals throughout the United States.   


Volunteering within your local community makes a huge difference.

recent programs

*  Food

*  Vet Care

*  Dental Care for Animals

*  Spay and Neuter Programs (Gelding)