Healing in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Volunteer in your Community.  Make time to help others that are making a difference.  Ask what they need help with, let them know what your skills are and what you are knowledgeable about, what your talents are.  Put it on your monthly schedule.

  • Dental care for Animals
  • Equine Hoof Care
  • Rehabilitation and Training
  • Financial Assistance to Families in Need

DOUBLE D in Action

  • Feeding Animals in Need
  • Veterinary care
  • Re-homing Animals
  • Animals living in Sanctuary

Diana Darnall

Founder of Double D Animal Rescue and Community Services

Meet Our Team

Find your inner power by helping others

Hunger for Animals is often overlooked when families with financial hardship reach out for financial assistance. Our year-round food drive and donations for feed are important. Devote an afternoon to stocking our pantry and see first-hand the families we help. daily.

We provide humane treatment, services and care for abused, neglected and endangered animals, through rehabilitation and services.

Providing financial assistance and/or services to communities in need of financial assistance for the Humane care and/or transport and/or euthanasia of abused, neglected and endangered animals throughout the United States 

Our Mission

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Work with members in your community and make a difference

Double D Animal Rescue and Community Services is devoting its energy to passionately advocating for animals that are in need or at risk and politically under-represented members of our animal families. Find out how you can contribute to the future of animals in need through donations of money and time. 




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