How to Adopt from Double D

Double D will review your applications and check your references. If you live near by, we will send a representative to inspect your facilities to ensure the Double D Alum will be safe and happy. Otherwise, we request photos of your boarding facilities. Many of these horses have lived in facilities that were less than appropriate. Our goal is to ensure a safe and pleasant environment where they can thrive.

We take our commitment to healing horses in body, mind, and spirit VERY seriously. We take the adoption of our horses with equal seriousness. By following these few steps, your new family member can be in your barn or pasture very soon.

Check the Double D Adoptables page to see what horses are looking for Forever Homes.

Go to our Facebook page to check out the newest arrivals to Double D.

Once your application is approved, and adoption fees are cared for, your Double D Alum is ready for pick up. It is the adopter's responsibility to arrange transport for your new Family Member. We will do all we can to connect you to transporters who may be willing to give you a discounted rate, but final transport is your responsibility.

Fill out the Adoption Application and Contract and send them to Double D. Information is on the documents on where to send or email them.