Learning to trust again is a part of the healing process at Double D.

Some of our recent Quarantine guests

Double D QT

If you need Texas Quarantine here at Double D you must confirm that we have room to accept them and can arrange your transport.  It is best to send a FaceBook Private message via the Double D FaceBook page, or text Diana at 817-975-4693.  Once we accept your horse you must send payment via PayPal in advance for $150.00 transport per equine and 15 days of quarantine in advance at $15 a day per equine for a total of $375 per equine. Send the payment through PayPal to:  Double_D_Animal_Rescue@yahoo.com.  You must send us the Lot Pic of the equine with the tag number to ensure we get the correct one.  Vet appointments will be made for the Coggins and sick horses will need medication as requested by our vet. Another appointment will be made for the Health Certificate.  For horses traveling on the same transport trailer, one Health Certificate can be issued. There is no need to have a certificate for each equine.  I will provide a form for all of the information needed for the vet's office.  Please note that it is recommended to quarantine for 30 days, however it is possible that if there are no signs of sickness, the horses can safely transport at 15 days.

Thank you for entrusting your new
family member to me here at Double D.